Black’s Myths - Blacks’ Myths II


Blacks' Myths is a duo from Washington, DC comprised of Luke Stewart on bass and Warren G. "Trae" Crudup III on drums. The group's latest, 'Blacks' Myths II' collects thirteen tracks from a marathon recording session in the summer of 2019.

Two of DC's most active and versatile musicians, Stewart and Crudup build symbiotic rhythmic pieces by locking into something both hypnotic and free. Their collaboration is redefining the rhythm section by dismantling its tropes and injecting unpredictability as well as a sense of vibrancy and freedom.

Release Date: September 6, 2019

George Cory Todd - “Nacre Hypnos” Remix


George Cory Todd reimagines "Nacre Hypnos," taken originally from Iku Sakan's debut for Atlantic Rhythms, Bloom Strings. Todd's version takes flight immediately, flipping the original into something air-y and warm with scattered melodies tucked under the effected surface.

Release Date: July 26, 2019

Ki ONI - You Made It Out of The Forest Alive


Chuck Soo-Hoo’s exquisite and prolific project, Ki Oni, drops yet another slab of bliss in 2019 with You Made It Out Of The Forest Alive. His first for Atlantic Rhythms, Ki Oni’s latest delivers four bubbling originals that stretch and straddle between dubbed out ambient and late night club-y atmospherics.

Release Date: June 14, 2019

Amy Reid - “Icon” Remix


Baltimore mainstay and musical force, Amy Reid, remixes the title track from George Cory Todd's Atlantic Rhythms debut, Icon. Reid's reimagining of "Icon" works within the original's luminescence while adding a powerfully unpredictable and stuttered percussive arrangement.

Release Date: April 12, 2019

George Cory Todd - Icon


George Cory Todd's new Atlantic Rhythms full length, Icon, has the freshness and exuberance of discovery. Throughout the album's six tracks, Todd's use of space and texture shows a composer in full bloom. “I Will (Not!)” begins with soft, rhythmic repetition, like something turning in the light. A higher tone, glitching, breaches through momentarily. Everything dies down in an instant to bowed strings before synthesizers, clips and textures take over again, undulating, sounding like a collaboration between John Luther Adams and Tim Hecker.

RELEASE DATE: February 26, 2019

Various RhyThms


Various Rhythms compiles and commemorates the first three years of Atlantic Rhythms with a selection of music from each cassette released on the label thus far. For the uninitiated, Various Rhythms, is great introduction with music from Blacks’ Myths, Curved Light, Maymind, Jack Propane, Evan Zierk, Aaron Leitko, Iku Sakan, Jadelain, Trevor Keen, and TOWN. A new, previously unreleased track by the newest Atlantic Rhythms artist, George Cory Todd, is also included.

RELEASE DATE: December 10, 2018

Yonsei - “Unravel” Remix


Jadelain’s first full length came in the form of the richly beautiful Unravel. Throughout the album, the Queens-based composer/producer captured an environmental and ambient music all their own, exploring percussive melodies both uplifting and mystical. And now the album’s title track receives its own mystical remix by ETCH’s Yonsei. With faint echoes of the original as an anchor, Yonsei’s take on “Unravel” ebbs and scatters with aplomb. Percussive elements are refried and multiplied mirroring the original’s emotional heft while diving into a territory all its own.

RELEASE DATE: November 30, 2018

Maymind - Wait for Me Out Front


Just a few months after the release of Cheap Storage, LA-based DJ and producer Maymind returns to Atlantic Rhythms with a new three-song EP of atmospheric techno entitled Wait For Me Out Front that finds the artist grappling with warped acid, meta-deconstruction and modern classical influences. Micro-tensions abound in the dark layers as the title track unfolds, a frantic coil of energy bouncing back and forth between the speakers.

RELEASE DATE: November 16, 2018


Trevor Keen - Upon Reflection


The latest Atlantic Rhythms release, Upon Reflection, is a full-length cassette of whirling experimental house originals by Washington, DC’s disc jockey journeyman and producer, Trevor Keen. The six tracks on Upon Reflection trek an impressive terrain of styles, but remain tethered to the producer's rhythmic sensibilities honed from years of helming parties like Private Joy and Modern Class and becoming a reliable mainstay for local DC clubs like Flash and Jimmy Valentines. From the massive opener, “Guildford Ave 2,” to the refried-acid of “Cutoff Slopes” and “Untitled 303,” and the off-kilter bubble of “Cascading Sunset,” Keen is shaping a psychedelic style all his own.

RELEASE DATE: November 2, 2018

Maymind - Cheap Storage


Next up on Atlantic Rhythms is Cheap Storage, an album of rainy day electronics and left-field beat inquiries from Los Angeles-based producer, DJ, and music scribe, Maymind. The seven tracks on Cheap Storage were recorded live and in an improvisatory mode, making the most out of a limited set of tools — an MPC sampler / sequencer, a few small synthesizers, and a cheap vocal mic. The resulting textures are varied yet always hypnotic, and place groove and blunted atmospherics on equal footing. 

Read the Pitchfork review of Cheap Storage for more info.

RELEASE DATE: August 24, 2018.

IKU SAKAN - Bloom Strings


Iku Sakan's Bloom Strings features three new intoxicating electronic works by the Osaka-born and Berlin-based musician/DJ. Sakan's command of repetitive and meditative rhythms is in full display on Bloom Strings. This triptych is rich with subtlety, yet manages to mix both maximal and minimal flourishes.

RELEASE DATE: July 21, 2018


Blacks' Myths - Blacks' Myths


Blacks' Myths new self-titled cassette is the twelfth release from Atlantic Rhythms. The DC duo is comprised of Luke Stewart on bass and Warren G. "Trae" Crudup III on drums. The two create pulsing, hypnotic rhythmic structures that churn unpredictably, all while exploring the cracks and ambience in between.

RELEASE DATE: June 22, 2018



Jadelain is a Queens-based musician and producer channeling environmental and ambient music through mystical melodies and collected memories.

Unravel, uniquely and expertly weaves disparate influences from video game music; the company of familiar ghosts; percussive club music; as well as years of studying upright bass and jazz performance. It’s a sound of singularity – one of humanity and technology – bursting as one with heart, melancholy, and playfulness. 

RELEASE DATE: March 13, 2018

Cofaxx - "Bending" Remix


Our latest release is a remix of Evan Zierk's "Bending" from his Atlantic Rhythms debut, Drifting/BendingCofaxx re-envisions the standout single with an equal mix of ambient textures and syrupy backbeat. Grip it and the original version exclusively via our Bandcamp site on December 7, 2017. 

RELEASE DATE: December 7, 2017


Jack Propane - Zoness Drip


The latest offering by Jack Propane, the solo project from Brooklyn-based producer Ryan Caruso, revisits a stand-out cut from his Atlantic Rhythms debut, Other Worlds and includes an all new offering. Featured on this digital single is the original, and until now unreleased, 14-minute extended mix of “Zoness Drip", which is a microcosm of Jack Propane’s musical thesis — ambient textures and sprawling atmospherics meet hypnotic rhythms. "L-Zone", the latest in the Jack canon, bubbles purposefully with distorted bass and syrup-y nocturnal melodies. This a digital single available via our Bandcamp page. 

RELEASE DATE: September 19, 2017


Curved Light - reversion


Curved Light is the audio/visual duo of Peter Tran and Deirdre Smith. One half of the Baltimore electronic duo HD Sunrise (Patient Sounds), Tran also spent time in beloved experimental outfits Hume and Les Rhinocéros. As Curved Light, he has released music on Gentle Reminder Records and has a forthcoming release on Austin’s Holodeck Records. Recorded in Summer 2016, Reversion collects six sonically rich synthesized analog explorations. Each track was recorded in a single take on vintage analog/modular synthesizers and an assortment of processors, each song utilizing its own unique system/patch.

RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2017

Evan Zierk - Drifting/Bending


Evan Zierk is a Brooklyn-based composer guided by instilling a desire to listen deeply – to listen closer. Drifting/Bending, Zierk’s first collection of new music, is a fitting opening statement to spark such a listen. Comprised of four delicate and textured pieces, the collection unfolds in incalculable and elegant ways. Dissonance is always lurking in Drifting/Bending, but never takes center stage. 

RELEASE DATE: July 21, 2017




Thirty minutes of contemplative and cascading modular synthesizer composition from Aaron Leitko, one-half of Washington, DC's Protect-U. Wasatch Mecha teeters between ambient arpeggiation and slow, beautiful tensity.


RELEASE DATE: October 7, 2016

jack propane  - other worlds


Jack Propane is a solo project of Brooklyn-based producer Ryan Caruso. As Jack Propane, he explores the rough and psychedelic side of house and techno music, with an emphasis on synthesized soundscapes. Recorded in his home studio, Other Worlds collects six subaquatic house anthems for late-night or early morning beach-side sun rises. All tracks were recorded live, straight to a 1/4” reel-to-reel tape recorder, utilizing a collection of synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, samplers, effect pedals and filters.

RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2017




Three guitar/saxophone improvisations - both blistering and atmospheric - from experimental composer Arto Lindsay and saxophone troubadour Sam Hillmer. Together the two call this collaboration TOWN. Performed live in January 2015, these three pieces document the second of a special two-night set for Lindsay, a No Wave legend, at the revered Queens venue Trans-Pecos.

RELEASE DATE: October 7, 2016