curved light

reversion (AR-03)

RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2017

Curved Light is the audio/visual duo of Peter Tran and Deirdre Smith. Baltimore/Austin-based musician Peter Tran, is one half of the Baltimore electronic duo HD Sunrise (Patient Sounds) and also spent time in beloved experimental outfits Hume and Les Rhinocéros. As Curved Light, he has released music on Gentle Reminder Records and has a forthcoming release on Austin’s Holodeck Records. 

Side A: Test Selection, Collapsing Reflections, Shining

Side B: Disquiet, Blush Response, Absent Empathy

Atlantic Rhythms is set to release Curved Light's latest offering, Reversion, which was recorded in 2016 and collects six sonically rich analog synthesized explorations. Reversion is the third release on Atlantic Rhythms, and will be released as a limited edition cassette tape (only 100 physical copies with digital download code), as well as a full-sized, hand-screened poster. The tape, poster, and digital versions of the album will be available exclusively at the Atlantic Rhyhtms Bandcamp website.